Dolly Roulette Marker Prediction System

It can be difficult to try to figure out how to win by betting on Roulette . Game after game, the player watches as the Dolly marker is placed in different areas of the betting layout. But knowing where it will be placed in subsequent games is what baffles most roulette players.

So what are the player’s options. Well, he can try to identify a pattern by studying the areas in the betting layout where the Dolly marker is placed; will the next winning number be on the left or the right, up or down or in one of the four diagonal directions or maybe it will even fall on the last result; a direct repeat number.

Due to the random nature of Roulette, the task of predicting future results will probably challenge your intellect more than any other casino game .

Some argue that the best option will be to choose a particular area from the Roulette betting layout or bet around the area of ​​the last result or move as far away as possible, or some intermediate chance. No matter what you try, the game’s randomness will probably make you scratch your head while your predictive ability is put to the test. It is this challenge that makes the game so fascinating.

But assuming you’re not betting on just one number, the game can be less stressful and much more enjoyable if you spend approximately half the number of chips of a straight pay-to-win payout. In that regard, I created a system; a Dolly marker prediction system, and I’ll explain how it works and explore its pros and cons.

There are two main forecasting methods that people use when playing roulette .

  1. One way is to place bets on a betting layout in relation to where the players believe the ball will fall on the wheel in the next round. For example, if a player believes that the ball will land near the right side of the zero, ie # 32, # 15, # 19, # 4, # 21 … (European Roulette Wheel) these numbers will be covered by chips in the betting layout. Players can also decide to bet on various areas of the wheel and thus, whatever numbers they choose in their mind, considering where the ball may fall on the Roulette wheel, this is reflected in the bets placed on the betting layout.
  2. Another method of predicting roulette is for players to place their bets on where they believe the Dolly marker will be placed next. If you consider the same set of results, for example; # 1, # 17, # 35, # 36, # 9, # 28, the patterns formed on the wheel are different from those formed in the result-to-result betting layout.

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